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Explanation of THE Training Workshop


A live presentation on how to become Bi-Lingual in Network Marketing

After working in this industry for over four decades I know what to do to get any disgruntled Distributor back on track. I have the potential not only to get them back on track but get them excited so they can bring NEW people on board, and NEW people are they key to getting sales up and momentum.

The training workshop I have been working on is like no other MLM workshop on this planet you and your company can benefit from it. It has been specifically designed to get Distributors to take action and also become Bi-Lingual in MLM.

So what is the core principle of this workshop, and why has it been so successful?

Well, in order to have a successful MLM company, it is not based upon one thing, it’s based on many things done together to produce results. As a metaphor, it’s like a machine which relies on cogs to make it work. When all the cogs come together result happens naturally because the Distributor has been programmed correctly.

In a nutshell, the workshop will encompass every aspect of the MLM business. The real difference between my training programme to any other system is that it engages the distributors to participate at a physiological level.

Here are some of the topics that are included in my one day life changing workshop

1.     Belief

This is the most important piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Having belief in not only yourself but in your company and its products without question is the single most important part of anyone’s success in Network Marketing

2.     Enthusiasm

Without Belief, you cannot have enthusiasm for anything you are doing. Once belief is lost enthusiasm goes out the window. By strengthening the distributor's belief – automatically their enthusiasm will increase. I will install the belief in the Distributors so they can accomplish anything they desire

3.     Network Marketing Knowledge

Distributors need to understand the fundamentals of this industry, and they need to know the different types of income – Linear – leveraged - residual and leveraged residual income. This part of the workshop will help them understand how MLM works

4.     Product Training

No distributor needs to be a medically trained biochemist, however, they do need to be able to explain the product range and have a basic understanding of the company’s methodology. This helps when the questions come in about ‘Why are your products different?’ and “Why do I need to supplement”  

5.     Leadership Skills

The difference between a leader and a follower, and what attributes leaders have that make them more successful. Skills are taught that enable the distributor to make the transition from follower to leader, and what leaders do daily that makes them so successful.

6.     Burning Desire

Without a burning desire to succeed and become a successful distributor becomes mediocre at best. All leaders have a burning desire to succeed. I will show the Distributors how to create passion in their business so that they produce results  

7.     Time Management

Sometimes it’s not when you join the business, but what you do daily when you join that makes a difference. There are certain things that the Distributors should be doing daily to enhance and grow their business. This section is dedicated to helping the distributors get into a good routine to succeed

8.     Handling Objections

Every objection imaginable which can be thrown at our Distributors can be handled. This segment will help them to handle any objection with ease. Objections are mealy the stepping stones to help a new customer or prospective distributor make a decision. The distributor should welcome all objections as they are a direct request for more information

9.     Communication

I have been a licenced and certified practitioner of (NLP) Neuro-linguistic programming for over twenty-five years. In this part, I show and teach the distributor to develop cutting-edge communication skills and rapport-building skills that will give them an unfair advantage over any of your competitors.

10.   Marketing Plan Expertise

This part is dedicated to helping the distributor explain the compensation plan in layman’s terms. People need to know how to make money and how to progress through your marketing plan

11.   Integrity

Integrity and good working ethics with sound morals are part of the foundation of becoming a good distributor.

12.    Teachable

The ability to be teachable and not reinvent the wheel will play an important part in the development of the distributor. Some may say that they know better and have their own plan of action to succeed, but when this happens they always fail.

13.     Taking Action

Knowing what to do on a daily basis ensures that the distributor becomes extremely productive not just active. The award-winning 21-day cycle of what the distributor should do with their new Distributors in the first 21 days of their MLM career will keep them on track. Also the systems of recruiting and how to get new prospective Distributors on board

14.    Patience

Nothing will happen overnight, and the ability to stay motivated while the distributors are building their business is important.

 15.   Personal Development

Personal development skills will enable each distributor to become impervious to any negativity that normally surrounds the MLM industry. A step-by-step guide of how to stay focused and productive, not just in the beginning but long term

The contents of the training workshop in no particular order are as follows:-

·       How to recruit from your warm market


Teaching the necessary skills to new Distributors and getting them to extract names and numbers from their new rookie’s warm market. This is the very foundation of their business and getting them to understand this process will establish a strong foundation.


·       How to approach people in Network Marketing


There are things that Distributors should and shouldn’t say – the basic fundamentals of approaching people with either


A – The Business Opportunity

B – The Products


·       How to understand and present the Business Opportunity


Teaching distributors ‘How to tell their story’ – At the end of the day in Network Marketing all they could ever become is a well-paid storyteller. I will show them the skills that will separate them from our competition


·       How to write the best sales letter


What type of sales letter works? How can you define a great sales letter – the contents, the heading, the content and more? Discover what works and doesn’t work


·       Telephone techniques that will help you to overcome any objections


Objections are merely the stepping stones to help our distributors close the prospect. I will teach the skills and techniques I have mastered over the last 40 years – this will help them to overcome any objection and turn a prospect into a customer or new distributor or indeed loyal customer


·       Effective Prospecting


Distributors only have 24 hours in their day – wouldn’t it be great if they had an unfair advantage? I will help them learn and develop skills that will turn them into a super recruiting machine


·       How to become an excellent public speaker


Some people have a fear of standing up in front of an audience – don’t worry – so did I. These simple yet effective techniques will allow each distributor to overcome their fears and be able to talk to three or three thousand


·       Using the Internet to build your business


How to use the internet to access many different types of people, what networking groups are available and how you can use blogs and more to get maximum exposure.


·       How to long-distance sponsor


Many people don’t know how to look after someone who is on their own doorstep – let alone halfway across the world. In this part, I will show the new distributor how to manage, teach and build no matter where the person is located


·       Advertising in your local area


Would your Distributors like to know the secret of advertising? Also what to say when they are attracting new prospects that will make them want to call the distributor?


·       How to approach professionals in your market


Over the last 47 years, I have sold tangible and intangible products. From Insurance, perfume, water filters, nutrition and more. For example: If you are in skin care and weight loss wouldn’t it make sense to recruit people who have a passion for that market? There will be fewer objections and more interest – I will show the distributor the exact same professional approach that helped me create over €100,000 in sales in just 5 months from scratch


·       How to recruit leaders into your business


Two ways to get leaders – the first is to find them and bring them into the business the second is to develop them from scratch. I will help the Distributors recruit more leaders into their business. This simple yet effective approach works every time. Also how to turn people around who try to pitch our Distributors about their business


·       How to successfully promote events


The pitch and promote technique allows our Distributors to squeeze every ounce of marketing ability to promote events with ease


·       The correct way to train the new rookie DISTRIBUTOR


Teaching new apprentice Distributors as to what they can and can’t say in the early years of their MLM business. Sometimes we hear too much jargon and Distributors fall into bad habits


·       The basic fundamentals of Network Marketing


What are the basics of building a successful Network Marketing Business and what should we should teach our new apprentice Distributors from day one? Well – I will show them how to train their Distributors correctly to get the best out of them so they don’t quit


·       Learning what they can and cannot say about the products and opportunity


Current legislation of what we can and can’t say about the business and the products your company sells


·       Developing the right attitude


Learning how our Distributors can develop the right attitude so they will always stay positive? Then in this part – Distributors can learn how to develop a winning attitude that will make a difference


·       How to understand and then explain Leveraged Residual Income


An in-depth explanation of the different types of income that are available. From Linear to residual and from residual to leveraged residual income – and how to explain it to others with total confidence


·       Confidence Building


There is a big difference between arrogance and confidence. I will show our Distributors how to master the skill of appearing to be extremely confident and stand out from the crowd


·       Using NLP skills to help you to build rapport


The skills taught to me by Doctor Richard Bandler. As a qualified practitioner in NLP I will teach the distributors the skills to become master communicators – They will be able to converse at any level with anyone using these skills


 ·       Learning the basics to build your MLM Empire


What’s the difference between someone who earns £1,000 per month and someone who earns £10,000? There are things that the latter uses each day and there are certain behaviours all leaders have


·       How to use meetings to build your business


How to run and execute a brilliant meeting with all the tools they will need and require to have a brilliant meeting and get results including 6 points will ensure they have a perfect meeting every time and 5 essential points of why they should have them in the first place


·       How to develop more Happiness in your Business


How our Distributors can develop these Secret key skills that will ensure that they know why and how they can make each day better for themselves. The Physical, financial and emotional problems that stop Distributors from reaching their true potential.


·       The 21-Day Cycle


It’s said that 90% of all new people quit within the first 21 days of joining any MLM company. I will teach our Distributors how to work with their new Distributors over the first crucial 21 days so they get into good habits. They will learn how to get them focused and on track. They will discover the 5 key secrets of how to train them correctly in this early stage so they get them from consciously competent to unconsciously competent


·       The pillars of success


Everyone does things differently to build their own MLM business, and what works for one person may not work for another. The MLM pillars of success will show the new distributor the different ways they can build their business. Totally generic but adaptable to any product or service within the MLM industry - Just think for a moment how many different ways they can bring people through the MLM funnel or prospecting machine so that they have new people to talk to all the time – I will show them a way to develop multiple streams or ways to generate new leads, why? So that they never run out of prospects to talk to


·       Goal setting in MLM


How and what to do to set realistic goals for the new Distributors and their team, they will learn that if the goal is to big and too far away the tendency for most people is that they will not give it the effort

·       The MLM System for success - 90 days to €1,000 leveraged residual income


How and what to do for the next 90 days that will help each distributor achieve a minimum of £1,000 per month – guaranteed


·       How to advertise in your area and attract new people


How and what to say in your advert to produce the best “Results” This tried and tested system works time and time again


·       How to create your own website so it becomes an extension of your business card


If the Distributors do not have their own website then they should be asking themselves this one question – why not? I will show the benefits of each new distributor having their own website and what it will do for them


·       How to create your own personal prospectus


If you have a brilliant profile of yourself and your company – your chances of being taken seriously increase tenfold.


·       Understanding how products move through MLM


MLM has been around for over 70 years + – Here I teach how the system works and how the internet has affected the business and how the Distributors can use this to their advantage


·       How to create and find new people’s HOT Button


This will help each distributor get to close new prospects and get them to make a decision faster than they ever thought possible


·       The Business Development Kit –  on Data DVD’


There are certain things each of our new trainee distributors should be aware of - Over the last 47 years that I have been in MLM, I have applied this knowledge and am putting together a Data DVD called “The Business Development Kit” In this kit there are sales letters, audio training, a Success Library, video clips, articles, and much more. This data DVD is the basic fundamental building block and reference guide for all new Distributors.


It will contain the following.


o   Sales letters and adverts

o   Motivational Video clips of some of the greatest public speakers on this planet

o   Articles from Newspapers

o   Motivational eBooks

o   Technical Information on MLM

o   Videos downloaded from the Internet explaining our products and how they work

o   And much more …………….