Costs and Pricing

This is a one-day or two-day workshop that is tailor-made for your Network marketing company

See MLM University  - for the contents of the workshop


One-day intensive workshop           £15,000

Two-day intensive workshop           £20,000

Four Italian translators for this two-day intense Leadership Retreat. They found it challenging to keep up  with the Master of MLM

The room starts to fill up with enthusiastic Networks in Austria - The one day's training blew their minds - Now they know how to train recruit and duplicate. 

Over the last four decades, hundreds of workshops all over the United Kingdom, Europe and America - the results have always been the same - Massive growth and the recruitment of new people that follows. Thus far in the last 35 years, over $20 Billion in Extra document revenue has been created by the man they call "MrMLM"