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Isn't it incredible that some people develop incredible Aura's whiles other don't? Is this luck or is there a certain way that one can acquire an Aura. We all give off certain signals when we talk or express ourselves, the better your Aura the better people will warm to you. Sometimes just by looking at someone you can tell what kind of Aura he or she have. You might look at someone and instantly think, this persons a wimp, or a looser or successful, or arrogant or male chauvinist etc.

Given the chance what kind of Aura would you like to have yourself? I am sure it would be one of "he's a really nice warm loving guy, or she's such a wonderful person". In this article I will show you how to acquire the charisma and confidence to become a better person, how to develop your character and personality further which will make you attractive to all. People will just want to be around you, not because of your personal wealth, or what kind of car you drive, but because you will be a nice person to be around. To develop an incredible Aura takes time, you won't acquire it overnight, but given time within a few weeks, even you can become the person you have always wanted to be.

The first step to developing Aura is to be positive.

"Positive thinking won't help you do everything, however it will help you do everything better than negative thinking"
- Zig Ziglar

You need to take out certain words in your vocabulary, these are as follows: I Can't, If, Doubt, I don't think, Maybe, I'm afraid, I don't believe, and No. You need to reprogram your brain, and install new positive words that will help you to get further along in life. Words like yes, I can, I will, Absolutely, Definitely, I do believe. These words will create a positive self-image in your subconscious.

To develop the ultimate personality that you are looking for is like trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together without looking at the front cover of the box. I will give you the pieces of the puzzle, all you have to do is develop each piece, and hey presto! The puzzle will be complete and so should you. I have 5 pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of Aura and character building. Should you work on these on a daily basis, you will build up the personality and charisma that you have been looking for. Once you have these fundamental qualities, you will stand out from the crowd and have an Aura that will shine.  

The following five ingredients are:

Burning Desire



Attitude & self-image


1. A Burning Desire
Notice how I didn't just say, "desire", I said "A Burning Desire". A desire to become more than what you are, and to become better in all that you do. Do you want it? Can you taste it? Are you fed up with you present circumstances, and are you ready for change? If so, then this is your early morning wake up call. It doesn't matter about what happened to you yesterday, its what you are going to do now that will make a real difference in your life. Even more important what you are going to do tomorrow? Have you a burning desire to change and to listen, and to install this new software into your brain that will allow you grow?


"The starting point of all achievement is desire,
knowing what you want. Keep this constantly in mind.
Weak desires bring weak results, great
desires bring great results"
- Napoleon Hill

2. Belief
This is the fuel that fires enthusiasm, they kind of work together hand in hand. But just stop for a moment and think, how many things have been achieved on belief alone. Some people have limiting beliefs, and they sabotage their own personal success before they even start. Saying things to yourself like "I don't think I can do it?" Well, how do you know until you have tried!

What is your greatest fear? Is it fear of failure itself, is it fear of being rejected, or is it fear of the unknown. What is fear? Well you could look at fear this way:

                                                 F alse

                                                 E vidence

                                                 A ppearing

                                                 R eal

The antidote to fear is action. Positive thinking based upon facts will help you to destroy your Pre conditioned negative fears, which have held you, back in the past. Negative thinking prevents you from being in control of your life. Positive thinking will help you to be in control.


"Whatever the mind of man can
conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve"
- Napoleon Hill

3. Enthusiasm
At one time or another everybody has sold something, whether it has been an idea, a philosophy, a religion, a concept, or whatever. To set the record straight you don't have to be a salesman to sell enthusiasm, and genuine enthusiasm cannot be faked. People who fake enthusiasm are guilty of manipulation and not motivation. As you will see from my article, all the concepts that I share with you inter-linked, and when you have all the links thoroughly assimilated in your subconscious, you will have the confidence and Aura you are looking for.

If at any stage in your life you don't feel enthusiastic about something whether it be a person, a project, a career or whatever, just stop for a brief moment and evaluate the belief that you have in that person, or project, and you will find 100% of the time that if you didn't believe in the person or topic in question, It will automatically effect your enthusiasm.


"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


4. Attitude & self-image
Acquiring the right attitude is crucial to your success. Attitude is something they don't teach at school, you either have it or you don't. But you can develop a positive mental attitude, if you come to learn and understand that not everyone will see things the way that you do, or set goals the way you do. This was brought home to me many years ago by one of my mentors Zig Ziglar. Zig is one of the world’s most outspoken critics on negative thinking. Some of the identifying characteristics of a poor self-image are, lack of belief, a poor attitude, and not having any goals or direction. You must come to terms and understand that we live in a negative world.

As children we are negatively conditioned, and when we grow older we can see that negativity is all around us. If you want to have a good attitude get around people who have a good attitude, and believe me it will rub off on you. Your attitude pays a vital role in developing character, nobody wants to hang around, or be in the company of someone with a bad and negative attitude.


"You are what you are, few people will ever be more
critical of you than you. And few things
will ever keep you from achieving the success you deserve
more than a negative self-image. Whether you developed low
self esteem as a child or lost confidence as an adult,
the time to build a healthy self image is now"
- Zig Ziglar

5. Communication
Considering that less than 10% of all communication skills are verbal, there is obviously much more to communication than just being able to.  Most people try to search their vocabulary to try to find words that they think will help them. This only accounts for a very small percentage of our communication skills.

Your ability to convey information from yourself to other's with clarity will make you a excellent communicator. The five major senses that we use to communicate are.

Seeing (Visual)

Feeling (Kinaesthetic)

Hearing (Auditory)

Smell (Olfactory)

Taste (Gustatory)

The three areas that I will try to explain in layman's terms will be Visual, Kinaesthetic, and Auditory. For example people who process information by the way they "see" things are called visual people. People who predominantly process information based upon the information "sounds" are called Auditory. And people who process information by the way that information "feels" is called Kinaesthetic. Your ability to recognise someone else's communication strategy, will predominantly make you a better communicator (Fact).

First of all before you start trying to analyse someone else's communication strategy, you should establish your own first. To help you find out what strategy you are, let’s use an example. If you were to buy a new car or house etc., which would be the most important factor when making your decision. Would it be?

The style, colour, shape or make?

Whether it "feels right" and is comfortable?

The sound the engine makes, or how quiet it is?

You use all of your senses when evaluating or making a decision, but predominantly only one. If the look of the car or house is of prime importance to you, then you are almost certainly visual. If it’s the sound of the engine, then you would be classed as Auditory by nature. And if it were the way you felt about the car or house, then you would be referred to as kinaesthetic.

Visual Clue Phrases.
See the sense, looks to me like, Appears to me, See eye to eye. If a Visual person was to greet you they may say

"Nice to see you"

Kinaesthetic Clue Phrases
This feels right, Get to grips with, slipped my mind, lay the cards on the table. They may greet you by saying,

"How are you"

Auditory Clue Phrases
I hear what you’re saying, that rings a bell, loud and clear, Unheard of. They might greet you by saying;

"I heard you were in town today"

To summarise, if you are talking to someone who has a different communication strategy than yours, then you must try to use the same communication type that they are using. If you can master this section of the article, you will build rapport with people, and communicate far greater than you ever imagined possible.

 "Your listeners won't care what you say until they know that you care"

So there you have it, 5 extremely effective ways for you to build up your Aura. He or she who has the Aura of substance will obviously go much further in life than he or she who does not.

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'Edison failed 10, 000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times'.
Napoleon Hill

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