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Back to Basics

By Steven Maoudis cp.nlp Global MLM Trainer


Often in MLM you see people who have gained the initial momentum and start to reap the rewards of their business. But then they sabotage their own success by not sticking to the basics. The successful leaders who work within the Network Marketing Industry still attend weekly meetings, they still attend the training meetings, and they lead by example.

This business is not easy, and anyone who tells you that it is, is lying. You need to be productive every single day. There are many people who get activity confused with productivity, and these are the people who will generally quit the business as they don't understand the basics. The initial stages of building your business is hard work. You have to make telephone calls, see people and sign them up, work with them and get them on track. You need to be consistent and persistent on a daily basis, and doing this will help you gain the initial momentum.

There is a very old saying in Networking and it goes something like this "If you have had a bad week, you need to attend the meetings" This is obviously to get you excited, and motivate you. Now "If you have had a good week, then the meeting needs you". Makes sense, doesn't it? After all, if you are exposed to people who are producing results, then if you want to produce similar results, just find out what these people are doing, and copy them, its that simple.

You will often find that successful distributors will do the things that unsuccessful distributors don't, or won't. I have heard so many rookie distributors say "Do I really have to go to the meeting this evening, its going to be the same as last week". Well, we all know that. But just remember, if you expose a new prospective distributor to the meeting its going to be their first time. If you have no new guests going, you should still go to support your colleagues, and by doing so they will return the favour when they find themselves in a similar position as you.

Also its good to analyse what you have been doing on a daily basis, then you can monitor what works best for you. At the end of the day the whole philosophy of Networking is to talk to people. To get in front of as many of them as possible and tell your story. The difference between someone who just gets by and someone who has a successful organisation is the amount of people they are talking to. And also keeping it simple, as simplicity is easy to duplicate.

At the end of the day when you have learned everything there is to know about Network Marketing all that you can become is a very well paid story teller. Can you recall when you were first pitched for your current MLM programme? How did the person sound on the end of the telephone? The way that you put the opportunity across can sometimes make all the difference. You need to be excited about your company and its products. If you are indeed using the products, and you have total belief in them, then this belief will be reflected in your enthusiasm for the company. And you know what they say about enthusiasm, "Its contagious".

So Many Opportunities, so little time 

By Steven Maoudis cp.nlp Global MLM Trainer

When you pick up your local or national business opportunity magazine or newspaper, which opportunity should you go for if you are looking to supplement your income?

There are over 100 recognised MLM companies in the United Kingdom at the present, and over 1,000 worldwide but which one will offer you the security and opportunity that you need to succeed?

The only person who can answer this question is YOU. I believe you have to feel comfortable with the product first, before you even start to evaluate the company’s compensation plan. There are many people who became successful Network Marketing entrepreneurs through buying and using the product first. At a later stage they probably decided to buy the product a wholesale instead of retail, then they speak to a few people and without realising it they started to tell people about the product and how wonderful it is, and I could take a guess at the prospective customer saying something like " Where can I buy this product from?”

By automatically sharing, and telling the story of how and why the product could not be sold in the shops, and why it needs to be sold on a one to one basis, you can then start to build your business.

The second thing that you need to look at is the management of the company, "Do they really know and understand the Industry they are in " If they don't, they will not be able to help the distributors. Many companies have changed direction from direct selling to MLM and failed drastically because they had no knowledge of the Industry. Many MLM companies fail, because their product was not qualified to be networked. Before you look at joining you next MLM programme follow my 7-step rule, and if the MLM Company has these 7 qualities then you are on the right track of choosing a stable network marketing company.

But remember you have to feel totally comfortable with the product and opportunity.

1. Make sure that the product is consumable, affordable and repeatable.

2. Make sure that the supply of product can be maintained.

3. That the company has the right computerised software to support your business.

4. That it takes no longer than 48 hours from order to receive delivery                                                                                      

5. That the company offers a full support and training package.

6. That the company has regular business opportunity meetings.

7. That the company has good quality literature, and promotional material.